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Welcome to dunahadd

Messrs. Dunahadd, a company Dubai based in the UAE, owned and managed by Italian nationals, offer their services to companies / entrepreneurs who have interest to enter the Gulf and west Africa markets with their products / services.

Today Dubai has become the main commercial distribution and re-distribution centre among the Gulf Countries as well as a important financial market: its influence spreads over the Middle East towards Iran, Iraq, India, the former Asian Republics belonging to the USSR as well as the East African Countries.

On the basis of these strong elements, Dunahadd was set up by a synergy of skilled professionals with years’ long experience in establishing and managing projects aiming at offering both strategical consultancies and commercial support services to businessmen, private companies and public bodies, interested to take advantage of the unbelievable business opportunities available in the Gulf and west Africa markets.

Dunahadd Trading addresses all those firms which possess a potential product and / or a company’s structure suitable to deal with overseas market but, yet, have not taken fundamental steps in this direction.
Moreover, Dunahadd intends to come into contact with those companies which have carried out initiatives on the international markets and have a need to acquire the necessary operating skills.

Dunahadd is part of a consolidated group of Companies, among them are.